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Bitumen modifier VISCOBIT

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Viscobit® (Viscobit) viscobit.de is an optimized low viscosity polyethylene wax with high thermal stability for bitumen modification.

Improve bitumen properties without compromising low temperature properties

At a dosage of 1%, Viscobitincreases the heat resistance of bitumen. R&D increases, extensibility and penetration decrease without negative effect on the low-temperature properties of bitumen. The Fraasu brittleness temperature is retained, making Viscobit quite different from other modifiers. Such modified bitumen significantly increases the rigidity of asphalt concrete, reduces wear of the top coating (�Salification) without affecting the low-temperature characteristics.

High bitumen compatibility

The Viscobit modifier is well compatible with bitumen. It is easily distributed in bitumen at 120°C and does not delaminate during long-term storage. For uniform distribution of the modifier in bitumen, a colloid mill is not required, a conventional mixer is suitable.

Improve workability

Bitumen modified asphalt with Viscobit<makes the asphalt mix more stable on the paving line and significantly reduces the time to achieve the desired compaction. In laboratory and practical tests Viscobitshowed good compatibility with SBS polymer. With the introduction of Viscobit into PMB, the viscosity of the resulting hybrid polymer-bitumen binder is significantly reduced (R&B and elasticity are preserved), which increases the workability of hard-to-compact asphalt concrete. As a result, asphalt concrete can be compacted at lower temperatures, so it is possible to increase the delivery time of the mixture from the factory and extend the paving season.


Using the modifier Viscobit<allows you to reduce the temperature of the asphalt paving. This allows you to reduce the emission and release of CO2 (i.e. increase labor safety), reduce energy costs,reduce bitumen aging.

The main uses of the modifier Viscobit®:

  • Cast Asphalt
  • Crushed stone mastic asphalt (SMA)
  • Polymer Bitumen Binder (PBB)
  • Hybrid polymer-bituminous binder
  • Porous Mastic Asphalt (PMA)
  • Roofing Products
  • Mastics, primers
  • Viscosity at 140°C: < 80 mm2/s
  • Dropping point: 108-114°C
  • Penetration: ≤ 2mm*10-1
  • Appearance: fine white granules

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