As we age, our skin evolves, undergoing more or less visible changes that affect our self-perception and wellbeing. At each stage of life, there are upheavals that are important to identify in order to adapt to this evolution in a perpetual search for well-being, by extension, well-aging. This is known as WellCare®. The Solabia Group’s research has focused on these changes by looking at the cellular biology processes of each stage of aging and thus proposing dedicated active ingredients.

As we age, human skin evolves, undergoing more or less visible changes that affect self-perception and well-being. At every stage of life there are changes that are important to identify in order to adapt to them and be in a state of harmony. Solabia Group has conducted research focusing on these changes, looking at the processes of cell biology at each stage of aging and suggesting specific active ingredients.

FucoLife GR®

Menopause is a must for all women and brings its fair share of change. The hormonal fluctuations that occur during menopause lead to a change in the physiology of the skin, as well as a deterioration in self-esteem and emotional state. At the level of the skin, the most important change is the functional degradation of fibroblasts. Gradually, their concentration in the dermis decreases, and they lose the ability to synthesize the most important components of the skin. At the same time, their contractile activity, necessary for tissue repair, decreases. These changes in the deep structure of the skin cause it to sag and contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Thinning, the skin becomes more susceptible to negative external influences, becomes hypersensitive and dry – that is, a new source of anxiety. Women feel less beautiful and less confident. Thus, special skin care must be carried out from the first years of menopause to prevent deep long-term detrimental effects. At the same time, it is necessary to influence both the physiology of the skin, and indirectly, the emotional consequences of its change in order to restore the woman’s self-esteem.

FucoLife GR® is a low molecular weight polysaccharide produced by controlled bacterial fermentation and coated on maltodextrin (INCI: Maltodextrine (and) Biosaccharide gum-3). Due to its structure and high purity, this polysaccharide promotes skin regeneration. By increasing the force of contraction of fibroblasts, FucoLife GR® improves the resilience of mature skin and promotes deep skin tissue regeneration. By modulating the synthesis of essential skin components, FucoLife GR® restores the structural integrity of the dermis and epidermis. It also improves innervation and thickens the skin, reduces wrinkles under the eyes (Figure 1).

In this way, it greatly increases the thickness and density of the dermis from the first years of menopause, preventing deep detrimental effects in the long term. After restoration, the skin becomes more attractive and looks younger. Moreover, it is during this period of a woman’s life that FucoLife GR® reduces the feeling of discomfort, allowing you to improve self-esteem and mood.

Fig. 1 Reduction of wrinkles under the eyes
In vivo study on two groups of 14 European and Asian women who have recently
entered the period of menopause (56 years on average) with wrinkles under the eyes.
Twice daily, a cream containing 2% Fucolife GR® was applied to the entire face for 56 days compared to placebo. Estimating the depth of wrinkles under the eyes using AEVA and taking before and after photos.[/ Caption]



Essenc’Age® is an active ingredient derived from organic brown seaweed harvested from the Isle of Ouessant, a unique site classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Ascophyllum nodosum algae is rich in fucoidans, the low molecular weight fraction of which was chosen by Solabia Group researchers to create this active ingredient (INCI: Ascophyllum nodosum extract). Due to the high content of low molecular weight fucoidans, the product relieves fatigue and rejuvenates the skin. Essenc’Age® works like a true cellular protector, helping the skin adapt to the changes associated with aging and environmental aggressors. Essenc’Age® significantly reduces the first signs of aging through a visible effect on wrinkles, effectively combats signs of fatigue by improving skin elasticity. With smooth and firm skin, physiological age and biological age are resynchronized (Figure 2). At the same time, the face looks fresh and radiant.




Sensitive skin is also referred to as reactive, atopic, or even irritable. Clinically sensitive skin is defined by characteristic sensory sensations such as tightness, stinging, burning, or irritation.

Fig. 2 Skin microrelief organization – skin age resynchronization

Sensitive skin has a very low tolerance threshold, many environmental factors immediately trigger an inflammatory response that causes redness. This reaction is due to a weakened skin barrier function caused by altered skin flora and deficiency of antimicrobial peptides. Therefore, to restore comfort and radiance to sensitive skin, it is necessary to take care of the balance of the microbiota and the strengthening of natural protection.

Ecoskin® is an active ingredient that combines two prebiotics and two postbiotic bacteria (INCI: Alphaglucan oligosaccharide (and) Polymnia sonchifolia root juice (and) Maltodextrin (and) Lactobacillus).< /p>

Due to its unique structure, Ecoskin® helps maintain the balance of the skin microbiota by increasing bacterial diversity, acts as a substrate for commensal bacteria, and strengthens the skin’s natural defenses. Acting as a bioselective substrate for the skin flora, Ecoskin® restores the bacterial balance and thus strengthens the microbiological barrier of the skin. In addition, Ecoskin® significantly increases the expression of antimicrobial peptides such as β-defensin 2 and β-defensin 3.

Due to its high content of natural sugars – gluco-oligosaccharides obtained by enzymatic synthesis and fructooligosaccharides obtained by pressing yacon tubers, Ecoskin® improves the appearance of the skin and its condition.

In this way, Ecoskin® enhances the radiance of the skin and reduces the discomfort that is characteristic of sensitive and dry skin, leaving the skin brighter and healthier!


Revitalizing Night Mask


1. Prepare phases A and B at 70°C.

2. Prepare an emulsion by adding phase B to phase A with vigorous stirring.

3.Add phase C after making the emulsion.

4. Add phase D at 45°C, then fragrance at 35°C.

Protective jelly


1. Prepare phases A and B at room temperature

2. Prepare an emulsion by adding phase B to phase A with vigorous stirring

3. Adjust pH by adding phase C if needed

Natalya Novikova, Technical and Consulting Support Specialist, Revada LLC

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