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Ennagram Sarl Glycol Extracts

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Glycol extracts (water-soluble liquid extracts)

Extracts are offered in a very wide range on a water-propylene basis. In addition, extracts based on water-butylene or water-glycerine bases are also available. By special order, extracts without preservatives, discolored and with other properties required by the client are also available.

For the production of 10 kg of extract, 10 kg (or 1 kg for inexpensive and available extracts) of plants are used.

All extracts are produced using cold technology to preserve the integrity and activity of each component, for production, plants of natural growth are used whenever possible.

The exclusive extraction process allows you to save all the active fractions of plants: vitamins, tannins, flavonoids, amino acids, rare xchemical elements, minerals, essential oils and others.

All extracts meet the quality standard. Quality control includes: organoleptic characterization, physico-chemical measurements (density, pH, refractive index), determination of the active substance (thin-layer or other types of chromatography) and microbiological control.

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