ACTIVITISTM (Activated Grape Seed Extract)

The supplier: GfN & Selco GmbH

INCI name

Vitis Vinifera
Seed Extract

Input / Appearance

0.01 – 0.1%

Dark red, purple powder

Miscible with alcohols and glycols, insoluble in water and oils


New patented red grape seed extract

Rich in flavonoids. The content of anthocyanins is more than 40%

Contains protein phosphatase, which regulates cellular functions

Inhibitor of anti-inflammatory cytokines


Free radical scavenger

Increases the production of collagen and elastin

Promotes wound healing

Contact manager
Head of Technical and Advisory Support
Julia Popova
Deputy Head of the Technical and Advisory Support Service
Natalia Novikova
Head of the Department of Agrochemistry, feed additives and Fertilizers
Rabdano Nikita Olegovich
Head of the Food Industry Development Department
Stanislav Yakshi

Product Consulting

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