Bamboo fiber

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Unicell bamboo fiber is a natural dietary fiber, which, thanks to its capillary structure, has a high moisture- and fat-binding ability. Neutral taste and color make it possible to use wheat fiber in a wide range of food products.
Dietary fiber is of particular value as a component that increases the yield of the finished product. The method of application of bamboo fibers in the production of cottage cheese product, cottage cheese curds, curd mass and cheese product has been developed.

The technique involves several methods of introducing dietary fiber:
– at the stage of making a milk mixture (cottage cheese product, cheese product);
– at the stage of composing the curd mass (glazed curd curds);

Bamboo fiber has the following advantages:
– reduces the loss of protein and fat in the serum;
– significantly increases the yield of cottage cheese;
– significantly reduces the raw cost of cottage cheese;
– improves the technological properties of raw materials;
– enriches foods with dietary fiber;
– reduces caloric content.

In the meat industry, it is used to stabilize the emulsion and increase the yield of the finished product. To create a fibrous structure.

Origin: vegetable

Fiber size: 30,90,200 and 500 microns

Hydration 30 microns – 1:3, fat binding 1:2
Hydration of 90 microns is 1:4, fat binding is 1:3.5
Hydration 200 microns – 1:6, fat binding 1:7
Hydration 500 microns – 1:8, fat binding 1:8

E-number: without E-number

It does not contain gluten.

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