Esculin natural

The supplier: GfN & Selco GmbH

INCI name


Input / Appearance

0.5 – 3.0%

White to off-white crystalline powder

Soluble in hot water and glycols


Protects capillaries by improving their permeability and reducing fragility

Improves the condition of small blood vessels

Inhibits collagenase and hyaluronidase. What helps to increase the integrity of the connective tissue

An effective antioxidant

Relieves irritation, soothes erythema caused by UV radiation

Protects against UV-B rays

Contact manager
Head of Technical and Advisory Support
Julia Popova
Deputy Head of the Technical and Advisory Support Service
Natalia Novikova
Head of the Department of Agrochemistry, feed additives and Fertilizers
Rabdano Nikita Olegovich
Head of the Food Industry Development Department
Stanislav Yakshi

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